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Announcing – A collection of content related to the release of the next generation of WordPress

Because WordPress 5.0 is such a significant change to our favorite platform we’ve been keeping a close eye on all of the important news and announcements around the WordPress-o-sphere and today we’re announcing, a blog dedicated to everything WordPress Five-Point-Zero.

Why WordPress 5.0

WP5 Tips is intended to showcase news and articles related to the development and release of WordPress version 5.0. We can’t stress enough just how BIG a change this will be and we’ve been hard at work preparing for these BIG changes since the new editor (Guttenberg) was announced in January 2017 and is the result of this work.

You can also submit your own content so help us out and throw over any interesting stuff related to WordPress 5.0 such as:

  • Guttenberg stuff (obviously)
  • REST API news and updates
  • Anything Customizer related
  • Security, GDPR, etc…
  • Audio and Video (Podcasts/Conference talks)
  • Informative Tweets
  • Core team updates
  • Opinion pieces (good or bad)
  • Tutorials, learning, guides

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