FrontEndNorth 2018, Speaker Profiles and Final Schedule

It’s been brewing for a long time now but after a lot of work and effort from the organising team and our speakers we finally have a final schedule for the conference! 


  • 09:30  –  Opening Remarks
  • 10:00  –  Night of the Living Style Guides
  • 10:30  –  OfflineFirst Apps with PouchDB and CouchDB
  • 11:30  –  Break
  • 11:45  –  Designing form validation the right way
  • 12:30  –  Reacting to change
  • 13:00  –  Lunch
  • 14:00  –  Agile working in a slow-moving world
  • 14:30  –  Build Anything With React
  • 15:15  –  Owning Innovation
  • 15:45  –  Break
  • 16:00  –  Selling the Front-end
  • 16:30  –  Automating Critical CSS
  • 17:00  –  Marty McFly Has A Lot To Answer For
  • 17:45  –  Closing remarks

FrontEndNorth Speaker Profiles

Sarah Semark

A designer, developer, and world-traveller. After running a business for eight years, she now works for Automattic designing and building WordPress themes.

When she’s not busy making things, Sarah likes obsessing over typography, collecting impractical footwear, and exploring new places.

Works as: Product designer at Automattic

Talk title: The Night of the Living Style Guides

A short intro: The line between design and development is getting blurrier, and our approach to web design is becoming more modular. How do we keep track of it all?
Style guides to the rescue!

Travelling from? Edinburgh

Rich Higgins

I cut my industry teeth in Leeds during the early noughties dotcom boom and finished my full-time agency career at design and advertising agency LOVE in Manchester.

Works as: Consultant web developer

Talk title: Automating Critical CSS

Short intro about your talk: How we approached automating critical CSS for modular, CMS driven websites at Co-op Digital.

Travelling from: Manchester

Ben Cooper

Currently working at Tombola, the UK’s biggest bingo site, I am a Senior JavaScript Developer with over 5 years experience working for some of the world’s biggest organisations, as well as managing and contributing towards a multitude of large front end architectures.

Works as: Front End Developer at Tombola

Talk title: Reacting To Change

Short intro about your talk: I’m going to talk about the ever changing landscape of JavaScript and attempt to provide some clarity on the shift we are seeing in what is the backbone of our projects, the programming paradigm.

Travelling from: Sunderland

Chris Marsh

I‘m a Senior Front-End Developer at the University of York. Before then I worked in agencies, and the difference is vast. I’m trying to change the culture of work in our marketing team to be more agency-like, so we can deliver better projects more quickly.

Works as: Digital Team Manager

Talk title: Agile Working in a Slow-Moving World

Short intro about your talk: Web development moves fast, and as a digital team we want to deliver the best work we can as quickly as possible. But universities, like other big organisations, are slow-moving: for every big decision there’s a committee or a steering group to deal with.

Travelling from: York

Jani Eväkallio

I’ve been writing JavaScript for 12 years. During that time I’ve seen technologies come and go, and I’ve never been as excited about any of them as I am about React.

Works as: Lead Engineer at Formidable London

Talk title: Build Anything With React

Short intro about your talk: This talk explores how we can use the universal React programming model to build applications across different platforms.

Travelling from: London

Craig Burgess

In this talk about design and front end development on the modern web, one thing will be guaranteed: he’ll stop talking in third person about himself.

Works as: Creative Director at Genius Division

Talk title: Marty McFly Has A Lot To Answer For

Short intro about your talk: In this talk, Craig will be travelling back in time to help you understand why the web can be better (and why Terminator 2 is the definitive Terminator movie).

Travelling from: Barnsley

Damian Nicholson

I’m the frontend lead at Conferize. We’re building a universal and social event solution to help event makers create the biggest impact. When I’m not doing that I’m either failing at pouring a rosetta in my coffee or out cycling.

Works as: Frontend lead at Conferize

Talk title: Build Anything With React

Short intro: What is inline validation and why it’s necessary. Why it’s very hard to do right but using React alleviates some of those problems

Travelling from: South Shields

Tejay White

A Product Owner at Tribal in Sheffield, responsible for web and mobile apps for teachers and students.

Works as: Product Owner

Talk title: Owning Innovation

Short intro: Digital innovation is a phrase that’s bandied around a lot, but what does it mean to innovate?

Travelling from: Sheffield

Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is based in Yorkshire, UK; she is a Developer Advocate with IBM Watson Data Platform, a published author and experienced conference speaker.

Works as: Developer Advocate at IMB

Talk title: OfflineFirst Apps with PouchDB and CouchDB

Short intro: Building an OfflineFirst application means creating something that works fast and well, regardless of whether your device is connected, experiencing a network glitch, or offline completely.

Travelling from: Huddersfield (via the mountains of Peru!)

Kimb Jones

Kimb is the founder of FrontEndNorth and this year will be doing a talk on how to sell Front-End to clients. Which, considering he’s also organising the event should be fun!

Works as: Managing Director at Make Do

Talk title: Selling the Front-End

Short intro: It might seem easy but selling the concept of how important this ‘Front-end’ thing is to clients is an increasing challenge and shouting out buzzwords and acronyms isn’t helping anyone.

Travelling from: Barnsley

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