FrontEndNorth’s Local Community Aspirations

Our FrontEndNorth conference arrives again in Sheffield early next year and it’s great to see that the event is having a positive impact on the local community.

The north of England, and particularly Sheffield, has a rapidly growing digital economy. FrontEndNorth was set up to help the local web and digital community thrive.

It’s all about collaboration and that’s something we’re seeing a lot of in Sheffield. It’s a very exciting time to be working in tech.

Northern Collaboration

Some of our FEN helpers from last years event

It’s not just about Sheffield. I’d like to use the opportunities from FEN to start building links with other northern cities and drive greater collaboration. We’re hopeful that the event will connect the dots and get the digital and tech sector focused on the opportunities that are available.

Events like this can be a powerful driver for collaboration and economic growth and it would be excellent to see the region embrace our conference and use it as a vehicle to show the rest of the UK what we’re achieving.

Read more about this over the FrontEndNorth blog.

Mel Kanarek, Director and Co-founder of Sheffield Digital has this to say about FrontEndNorth:

“It’s great to see FrontEndNorth happening again in Sheffield. Having a thriving tech conference in the city not only provides excellent resources for the people working here, but also attracts visitors from elsewhere.

“A conference of the calibre of FrontEndNorth says that Sheffield is well and truly a growing destination for digital professionals and businesses.”

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