It’s coming (Gutenberg that is)

Are you ready for the most significant change to WordPress since, well, probably ever? If you upgraded to WordPress 4.9.8 this week then you should have been presented with the “Try Gutenberg” prompt.

Get Ready for WordPress Gutenberg
Get Ready for WordPress Gutenberg – Isn’t it beautiful?


This is the first time the majority of WordPress users will have even heard of the new editor which was announced back in January 2017 and has had a slow rise to fame.

Should you give it a try? I think yes, the editor, for most sites, is stable and a useful update. I would NOT recommend it for complex custom WordPress sites just yet but for most blogs, small business and simple sites it will work out-of-the-box.

Want to know more? Check out my slides from the ‘BigWP’ event in London which was from way back in May 2017 that are still relevant:

It’s all about WordPress v5.0

Want to stay informed? We blog about this, and other changes coming to WordPress, over at the awesome blog!

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