The Digital Barn Conference

A Digital & Web conference hosted in Barnsley

The Digital Barn was a conference born out of isolation. Barnsley is the home town of the Make Do co-founders (Kimb & Matt) and isn’t well known for being particularly strong in areas of technology, web and digital.

So in 2012 we found a venue and started a conference. The first event was organized in record time but we managed to get around 100 people and speakers from all over the country to travel up for the day.

The event evolved greatly in the years after with The Digital Barn 2 hosting almost 200 people in our somewhat tiny venue. The third event was also a huge success where we hosted workshops, seminars and training days alongside the conference.

Sadly for everyone involved we decided to halt planning of The Digital Barn 4 as there was really no space for the event to grow without moving it out of Barnsley and the event had become less of a purely ‘digital’ conference and had evolved to be more of a web/design/UX conference along the way.

After The Digital Barn we moved to Manchester and started our new conference ‘FrontEndNorth‘ which was then moved to Sheffield in 2016 and how resides at the Sheffield City Hall. Along the way we also ran a WordCamp in Sheffield as well as a few Hack Days and seminars. All of this convinced us that events were always going to be part of the Make Do experience.

Photos from the conference

Take a look at the photos from the Digital Barn 1, 2 and 3 and remember the good times! All photos taken by our good friend Shaun Bellis.

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Check out ‘Embracing and Growing a Digital Community‘ over on Matt’s blog for more information about how The Digital Barn helped us to grow our agency and find the right path.

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