Restrict Content by Role

What does this plugin do?

If you have a WordPress website with multiple users and several User Roles defined, and you wish to prevent certain User Roles from accessing certain pieces of content (and sub-content) both publicly and within wp-admin, then this plugin is for you.

The plugin provides the following functionality:

  • A meta box to allow you to set user role permissions for content and its sub-content
  • Choose if a restricted role can also view or edit that content in wp-admin
  • An option to allow content, content and sub-content or just sub content to be restricted
  • An option to allow a custom redirect URL (overriding default redirect URL settings)
  • The ability to override parent content restrictions on sub-content (including the ability to make it public)
  • Works with the CMS Tree Page View plugin
  • An options page, with the following options:
    • Choose post types that the meta box should appear on
    • Option to hide restricted pages from menu (only works when using wp_nav_menu())
    • Choose the roles that will appear in the meta box to be restricted
    • Define a login screen error message (if no custom redirect URL is set)
    • Set a custom redirect URL
    • Prevent users from adding child content to restricted content

If you are using this plugin in your project we would love to hear about it.

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