Make Do are a WordPress Development Company based in the UK

Beautiful & Responsive Design

We build for devices of all sizes and shapes with a keen eye on performance and accessibility.

Whether your visitors are using smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops or anything in between, your website will display beautifully on any screen size. We tailor-make your website for every user and design all of our projects using “mobile first” methods. This means presenting key information to smaller devices first and then using different screen size “breakpoints” to build on this by changing the layout and scope of information presented for a range of larger screened devices.

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A Wealth of Experience & Passion

With a combination of 30-or-so years of web development experience, and a thirst for learning and staying abreast of WordPress developments, our core team sets us apart from competitors.

As well as our core team we’ve built a network of experienced associates across the UK. Together we’ve built some truly superb sites making a discernible difference to businesses and organisations.

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Making WordPress Easy & Fun to Update

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), powering 25% of the world’s websites. As a result it has a very large support network, and many freely available extensions (plugins and themes).

WordPress is incredibly user friendly, making the editing of content and upload of documents and images simple

We work hard to make WordPress even easier to use by further simplifying custom WordPress Dashboards and theme options in order to make adding and editing content as user friendly and intuitive as possible.

Go Above and Beyond What WordPress Can Be

The main goal of any Make Do project is to deliver a customised and flexible WordPress solution that powers a high-quality website or application and output many different variations of data and content.

Join our growing list of happy customers and let us help you to create responsive and performance based web solutions, powered by the world’s best CMS, WordPress.

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