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Available Roles

Interested in coming to  at work at Make Do? We’re currently looking for two full-time roles:

  • Senior WordPress/PHP Developer
    Experienced WordPress developer with a good sense of the platform and community. Able to construct custom plugins and complex theme development.
    Salary: £28/£32k (depending on experience, plus bonuses)
  • Junior WordPress/Front-end Developer
    Ability to develop WordPress themes and integrate with custom WordPress plugins with a good understanding of modern Front-end workflows.
    Salary: £22k/£26k (depending on experience, plus bonuses)

Note that as this is a  least one year of experience building custom WordPress themes and/or plugins is a mandatory requirement for either role.

Benefits of working at Make Do

  • Remote working, work from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible work schedule, work the hours that suit you
  • A challenging ever evolving workload
  • Get involved in our events and community engagements
  • Conference travel and expenses
  • Develop your skills and experience with protected personal development time
  • Flexible paid holidays with enforced 4-weeks of holiday per-year
  • Full pension plan

Get started by sending us the following details

  • Please include links to previous work, GitHub, wordpress.org Profile and anything else you think would be useful.
  • Before you send check out our Privacy Policy.

What next?

We work on a hiring schedule that includes an initial probation and training period. This can either be full or part time. You can also work out-of-hours if you are currently working in a position elsewhere or working freelance and want a more steady role in a growing company.

During probation your skills and experience will be assessed before a full offer is made. We generally require at least a 6-week probation period but this can be less depending on your experience.

Freelancers and consultants

We are always on the lookout for partners to help us deliver projects – If you are a freelancer, consultant or small agency and would like to work with us please email [email protected] so we can start the conversation.

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