Privacy Policy

At Make Do we often keep hold of your data such as an email address, telephone number or billing address to ensure we can uphold the close personal relationships we strive to maintain with our clients, peers and contacts.

Before you read on we just want to make it clear that at Make Do we treat your privacy very seriously. We never pass any details on to third parties or peers.

How do we get your data?

Via our website
If you fill in an enquiry form on our website we use this information to contact you and in many cases this information is then stored long term to allow us to stay in touch with you and your organisation.

By working with you
When  you become a Make Do customer we need your information for billing, accounts, project management etc.

Mailing lists, social media and our events
If you send your personal information to us via a newsletter sign up form, via social media or by attending one of our events then we’ll keep hold of this to make sure we can contact you later.

Tools that we use and why

  • HubSpot CRM: Information such as contact details and any projects or potential projects we are involved with. Allows our team to track sales and manage client accounts. We add data to this in a manual ad-hoc process depending on the personal relation we have with you and your organisation.
  • Google Suite (Apps): This includes our email system, which obviously stores every email you send to us and your basic contact details, this is essential to business communication. We also use Google Suite to manage documents (Docs, Sheets), any personal data stored within these documents are securely stored and never shared.
  • FreeAgent: Billing details, essential to sending you invoices and tracking payments.
  • MailChimp: Our mailing list and marketing tool. If you have subscribed to one of our mailing lists then your name and email address will be stored in this system. All forms have double opt-in meaning that you will get an email to confirm sign up and you can unsubscribe using the links in the footer of any emails sent.
  • 1Password: Our secure password management system. We store and share passwords such as server passwords and technical access passwords securely so we can get access to the systems we need to deliver work.
  • Project Management Tools: Trello, Cisco Spark Notes, GitHub, Slack, HelpScout, etc. These tools are required to deliver on projects and support. Access to these tools is limited to specific people who are involved with

What do we collect?

We only collect relevant personal and business information. This includes email addresses, business and billing address, phone number(s) and technical account information such as server username and passwords or usernames and passwords to tools and applications that we support you on.

Our website also collections ‘cookies’ as you use it. These are essential to the way this site functionality and include:

  • Google Analytics cookies (_ga, _gat, _gid): Used to track how you use our site to help us improve functionality
  • WordPress cookies: Various cookies used for users when logging in to manage the site. These should not effect normal users.
  • Cloudflare & CDN cookies: Essential for our website performance these integrate with our CDN network and improved DNS setup.

Sharing and retention

  • Sharing: Data isn’t sold or shared with any other business or organisation. We do however sometimes need to share contact details and technical account details with our team and trusted partners (sub-contractors, external support teams). This is always shared in a secure and professional manor.
  • Retention: We keep your data for as long as we need to or until you request us to remove it from all of our systems.

The technical bit…

All data is stored in secure password protected systems which SSL (HTTPS) mechanisms in place. Essential systems such as our Google Suite (Apps) have 2-factor authentication enabled to ensure extra protection (this is to protect our business and you) and we limit access to your data to only trusted and trained members of our team.

Where possible we ensure all data is stored safely and securely and that strong passwords are used for all access.

If we have a data breaches

If for any reason data breach occurs we follow the following process:

  1. Notify the affected parties as soon as possible to explain the breach.
  2. Immediately fix the issue that lead to the breach
  3. Report the incident and collect information relating to the breach
  4. Asses and update our internal polices

Who do I contact with concerns or issues?

If you have any questions or queries about the way we treat your data OR if you would like to discuss the removal of your data from our systems contact us via:

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