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Delivering Websites in Multiple Languages

Our specialist WordPress Agency has years of experience in designing and developing WordPress websites that function in multiple languages.

If you’re looking to target audiences in different countries, we’ll help to create a website that spells success in any language.

WordPress in Different Languages

WordPress can be tailored to deliver various multilingual options. From the very simple to the very complex.

There are obvious benefits to using a WordPress website that displays multiple languages. It can be a great way to tap into new foreign markets and promote your products or services abroad.

Easy to Edit and Manage

The Make Do teams experience in developing bespoke WordPress MultiLingual solutions means that the final editing experience will be far from a simple ‘off-the-shelf’ WordPress system.

We work hard to totally customize your WordPress MultiLingual websites and plugins so that they are innovative, effective, and always easy to use.

WordPress MultiLingual and SEO

SEO is always a particular challenge involved with creating a website for an organisation operating across many countries and in several languages. Your clients will be searching for varied terms in a range of languages, and you’ll need to direct users and search engine crawlers alike to the right pages in the right language.

Make Do have significant experience working on high-scale MultiLingual sites that are built with SEO-in-mind. We use industry standard publishing options that ensure Google never gets confused by your MultiLingual content!

Make Do were a pleasure to work with.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation considering using a WordPress multi-language setup.

Chris Singleton – The Performance Coach

Examples of Make Do’s MultiLingual WordPress Projects

The Performance Coach Global Platform

When it became clear that a suitable off-the-shelf multilingual plugin didn’t exist.

Make Do set about creating one.

The new site is fully flexible and can be reproduced and added to as The Performance Coach continues to expand worldwide.

Oxford University FreeSpeechDebate

With thirteen different languages and hundreds of articles the FreeSpeechDebate website is one of the most complex custom WordPress multilingual websites that Make Do have delivered to date.

The site continues to grow since we delivered the project with more and more content in multiple-languages being added every day.

Innova Healthcare Solutions

The team at Innova Healthcare needed to be able to publish different product information to different locations around the world.

This led our team to provide Innova with a simple and easy to manage system where they could activate new ‘country’ websites in future as the company expands into new markets.

Start your WordPress Multilingual Development Project

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MultiLingual WordPress Options to Consider

WordPress MultiLingual options are vast and finding the right setup for your needs can be a challenge. Here’s some information to help you decide what suits…

Recommended WordPress MultiLingual Plugin Options

Multilingual plugin option one

Polylang – The Simplest Option

A small and lean MultiLingual plugin option for WordPress. Polylang is a great solution for small and medium sized MultiLingual options.

Multilingual plugin option two

WPML – The Popular Option

This plugin has been around for many years and has become one of the standard options for WordPress MultiLingual. At Make Do we’ve used it multiple times and find that it’s strength is in it’s flexibility. It can however be a little more complicated to use compared to other options.

Multilingual plugin option three

MultiLingualPress – The More Complex Option

This plugin uses a different approach. It uses WordPress MultiSite to transform a WordPress system into a MultiLingual website. This has some pretty great benefits but can be trickier to use. Which is why we provide ongoing support and training.

Custom Multilingual Code

No-Plugin Approach – The Fully Flexible Option

You don’t need a plugin to convert WordPress to be MultiLingual – you can create your own multiple language website using the options WordPress already has available using WordPress MultiSite.

This is a popular option for our team at Make Do and it gives our clients ultimate flexibility around the design and management of different language sites.

Multilingual WordPress map of the world

WordPress MultiLingual Domain Name Structure Options

When going for a WordPress site in multiple languages there are three main ways to configure and setup a WordPress MultiLingual website.

Use Different Domain Names

This gives your website full flexibility and control as each site can technically be totally separate.

It can however lead to additional complexity and cost as it requires that you own all of your website domain names in the various different languages.

Use Website Sub-Domains

This is a great method and also allows each site to be somewhat stand-alone. It can however lead to some inflexibility and complexity further down the line.

Use Sub-Folders

Our preferred method at Make Do – this makes the site easy to manage and you can run everything from a single domain without messy DNS problems.

It’s also a widely adopted method used by companies like Apple and Microsoft, so you know it’s a good idea to follow this style for your site.

Let’s Work Together to Make Your MultiLingual Project a Success

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