Flexible WordPress Retainers

We’re a UK-based Specialist WordPress Agency

Our Professional WordPress team will seamlessly integrate with your organisation.

Make Do offer Fully Flexible Packages for B2B and Agency-Partner Customers.

These retainer-based hourly packages are for when you need a more agile, flexible and evolutionary arrangement for on-going work, support, training or help with projects of any scale.

Flexible Retainers for Any WordPress Development Project

Our flexible approach is often used as an alternative to a standard fixed-project-pricing structure and it avoids the need to write complex specifications or deal with extra paperwork when additional work is needed.

Retainer packages also provide options for lower rates when ordered in bulk. The more hours you buy, the more value you get.

A Flexible Full-Service Offering

Packages are based on the concept of a ‘pot of time’ that you can use for technical development, design, consultancy, project management, training or any other professional service provided by Make Do.

All time spent on your projects is tracked by our professional team and no work is undertaken without your pre-approval.

Make Do’s Flexible Packages allow us to have the support we need on a regular basis and keep a close eye on budget

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Get Direct Access to Our Specialist WordPress Engineers

We have a tried-and-tested method to ensure full-service transparency, and good communication is our top-priority.

On Call, On Time & Fully Agile

We’ll work with you on bringing new ideas to life, supporting your existing websites and systems and simply getting things done. We aim to be fully agile and ready for change because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all service. Every business is unique and has unique service requirements – so what’s right for you might not be right for someone else.

Our team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians love to take on any challenge!

Reporting & Transparency

To ensure transparency a report of hours used and tasks can be generated and shared with you on a regular basis.

These reports show a breakdown of all tasks that have been undertaken and give an overview of how many hours are remaining in your current package.

Make Do’s Flexible Package offering allows us to do what we do best with them providing the technical know-how and support we need to succeed.

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Flexible Retainer Packages that Last

All of our packages are designed to be utilised over a period of 12 months. This allows our team to manage capacity and get things done in a timely and organised manner, while giving us the opportunity to really get to know your business or organisation.

Custom packages can be also created for more demanding projects which may have extended or unknown deadlines.

Package Options & Packages

What starts out as a small project occasionally develops into something much larger. Likewise, a simple fix might be all you need.

If a clear scope of work is unknown or you are simply unsure of what you need then a popular choice is to set up an initial package and then have it ‘topped-up’ once the package has been used up.

There are different ways to engage with our Flexible Packages and we’ll work with you to find the right fit. For example it’s easy to jump from a 40 hour package to a fully ‘fixed cost’ project several months down the line if you need to.

16 hours

Perfect for a small support fix or a quick ‘trial’ project to see if we’re a good fit.

40 hours

Our most popular package. Enough time to get on top of most small projects and support needs.

80 hours

Ideal for medium-sized projects and project support that needs to last a little longer.

120 hours

Our maximum package utilised by Enterprise or large Agency B2B clients allowing them to extend their team with external expertise.

Need More Hours from our WordPress Agency Team?

If you need more than 120 hours or just want to know more just get in touch!

Contact Our Specialist WordPress Team Today to Learn More!

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes but finding the right fit for your business isn’t always easy.

Our Flexible Packages are a great way to start small and then build up a strong and trusted partnership. Get in touch today to learn more…

Right for you?

We recognise different needs and know that our Flexible Packages might not be the right choice for everyone. We’ve explored our Flexible Offerings in this blog post to provide you with additional insight to help inform your decision.

RFPs/RFQs, Tenders & Fixed Price

Of course we still offer bid-focused fixed-price work. If you have a scope/RFP document ready to go, just get in touch so we can start the conversation.

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