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Our professional WordPress services include bespoke themes, custom plugins, advanced WooCommerce and multilingual websites.

WordPress and SEO go together – it’s a fact.

Our team of engineers have the skills needed to craft a technical SEO WordPress website that will help grow your online brand.

Expert WordPRess Developers

Make Do are WordPress experts and have been specialising in WordPress and WordPress SEO development for over 12 years.

Make Do’s team of WordPress engineers certainly know how to craft expert technical SEO solutions!

Martin Woods – SALT SEO Agency

Perfect for SEO and growing every day

WordPress it’s the world’s most popular CMS and SEO system. WordPress now powers over 30% of the world’s websites. It’s also incredibly user friendly, making the editing of content and upload of documents and images simple

Technical and Organic SEO

When building a custom WordPress website our team starts by ensuring that the code we produce is compatible with all search engines like Google.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is achieved via the usage of keywords being presented on pages, and the use of titles, headings and other semantic elements to promote certain words and phrases.

Accessibility and Semantics

By taking this technical development SEO approach we can ensure that Organic SEO and accessibility considerations are properly developed using semantic code.

These methods are the most effective way of facilitating strong search rankings from major search engines as it ensures the search engine can ‘read’ every part of the page.

Meta, Keywords and Social Media

Page meta tags (such as keywords and descriptions) as well as other metadata will be automated for each page, based on the content of that page, as well as fields set up in the administration interface to add further keywords.

Social Media integration is also crucial to SEO and the platform will be setup to be ‘Social Network aware’ meaning that it will implement metadata aimed at Twitter and Facebook (e.g. open graph) so that the correct information and images are shared when an article or product is shared.

Manage SEO options in WordPress with Yoast

Editorial SEO features will be implemented using the market-leading ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin in WordPress.

Hands-on training on how to best use the Yoast system will be performed alongside our standard WordPress training for all projects to ensure that website editors are made aware of the most effective use of keywords, meta and how to utilise the extensive suite of SEO options that are available.

Don’t loose your old links!

If we change your website significantly during a technical SEO WordPress development we’ll need to perform a full migration research plan to ensure that all legacy URLs on the existing website are accessible via 301 redirects. This will mean that users visiting old content will automatically be sent to new content rather than a ‘missing page’ (404) error.

This is especially important for search engines (Google, Bing) to ensure that existing search results will be automatically transitioned. This will help to maintain the current ranking (SERPS).

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