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At Make Do, we have years of experience managing website projects of all sizes, so you can sit back and let us take care of what we do best, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

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Flexible Retainer Packages

Packages include a balance of time, which can be utilised for development, design, consultancy, project management, training or any other professional service provided by Make Do

Service Packages (SLAs)

If critical ongoing WordPress support services are required, then packages can be linked to a bespoke SLA (service-level agreement) to ensure a measured, quality service.

Expert Support Whenever You Need Us

Our top priority is to provide clients with easy access to our team of WordPress experts, offering a comprehensive range of support services for their WordPress needs.

All of our WordPress support and development packages include a balance of time, which can be utilised for development, bug fixes, maintenance, design, consultancy, project management, training or any other professional service provided by Make Do.

Both our Flexible Packages and Support SLA Packages work using an hourly ‘credit’ system where the number of hours decreases based on the work performed. This allows clients to use the services as they require and track their usage. This flexible system allows clients to better manage their budget and control costs while receiving the high-quality services they require.

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Client Case Study | Support SLA

Palram International

What we do…

  • Maintaining and managing their global website with teams based in the UK, US and Israel
  • Hands-on Technical, Design and Consultancy service working with their marketing and IT team

How we do it…

  • When working with their team we use a robust SLA package for on-going and on-demand support and Flexible Retainer packages to fund Project work
  • We offer on-call external website support year-round

Flexible Packages

We’re a WordPress support agency that acknowledges the unique needs of every client; where a client requires a flexible arrangement for on-going work, we offer retainer-based WordPress support and development packages. You will receive expert support at every stage of your project, across all inquiries and tasks. 

…we offer clients both low-cost and high-value starter packages with with no strict long-term obligations meaning we can ‘test the waters’ to ensure we are a good fit moving forward

From our Blog: Offering Flexible Options For Flexible Clients

Our retainer-based packages are an alternative to the standard project-pricing structure, avoiding the need to raise additional purchase orders or deal with extra paperwork when further work is required. Our team of WordPress site experts is ready to work with you, to get things done. 

In some cases, custom packages can be tailored for more demanding projects which may have extended or unknown deadlines. However, if a clear scope of work is unknown or you are simply uncertain of what you might need, we recommend that you set up an initial package and have it topped-up once the initial support time has been used up. 

For any further inquiries regarding our custom packages, do not hesitate to reach out! And if you’re ready to talk details and put pen to paper, we will lend an ear on that front, too.

Available Flexible Packages (Retainers)

Packages include a ‘pot of time’ which can be utilised for any professional service provided by Make Do. Critically none of these hours will ever expire until you have used them all.

HoursBest for…
40 hoursEnough for a small project or to ‘top-up’ a retainer package or some quick wins
80 hoursFor larger support users or more complex solutions and support
120 hoursOur most popular, normally utilised on a quarterly basis or on ‘mini projects’
200 hoursThe most affordable higher-end package used to ‘stack’ and price up large project work
200+ hoursIf more than 200 hours are needed for a project we would suggest a fully scoped fixed-price approach

Price per-hour: Our Flexible Package rates work on a variable per-hour rate which gets lower the more hours you order. For example a 40 hour package is more expensive per-hour than an 120 hour package. For more info about how our packages work just drop us an email and we’ll send you the pricing details.

Client Case Study | Support SLA

Colt Technologies

What we do…

  • Support, build and maintain their suite of websites
  • Supply Engineering, Support, Design and Training and Consultancy to their internal team(s)
  • Embed our team into theirs allowing for fully synchronous delivery of new ideas and updates

How we do it…

  • A bespoke monthly SLA package of 60 hours and additional on-demand project work that averages 200-300 hours per-project
  • Support all of their sites hosted on an Managed WordPress Platform

Monthly Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

If critical ongoing WordPress support services are required, then packages can be linked to a bespoke SLA (service-level agreement) to ensure a measured, quality service.

Ongoing support isn’t just a good idea for your business. It’s absolutely vital, if you’re going to succeed

From our Blog: Why WordPress Support Is Vital

Our monthly packages are tailored to each client with response and resolution times factored into the contract, ensuring a customised experience.

Even if we didn’t build your website, we can support your WordPress site with ongoing maintenance.

That way, you get the support you need and don’t have to worry about your website running on out-of-date technology or things breaking.

For clients requiring a full-service support experience Make Do also offers fully-managed and reliable website hosting which can be tied into a support package to ensure a more wholesale and reliable support offering.

Available Monthly Support Packages

We offer a range of options from basic ‘care’ packages to ‘hands-on’ and bespoke packages which are design to embed our team into yours.

Package TypeMonthly HoursBest for…
Basic4 hoursFor basic support and non-critical support
BasicPLUS8 hoursExtension of ‘Basic’ package to include additional hours for more complex websites
Small Business & SME16 hoursSmall business support with some basic out-of-hours coverage
Hands On30+ hoursHands-on service for critical support and on-going development work
Fully Bespoke50+ hoursPartnership package with generous response time and retained hours

Price per-hour: SLA pricing is fixed for packages between 4 hours and 30 hours but beyond that discounted hourly rates will apply. Meaning a 50 hour or 60 hour package will turn out cheaper per-hour than an 16 hour alternative. For more info about SLA pricing just email us requesting our latest pricing and we can send you our latest prices.

Client Case Study | Support SLA


What we do…

  • Work in partnership with their Marketing, SEO and Sales teams to build and update the website
  • Embed with their global team in Manchester (UK), Denver (USA) and Madrid (Spain)
  • Work is variable and flexible and includes Engineering, Design, Consultancy and Content Updates

How we do it…

  • Client has a robust 30 hour package and regularly adds ‘120 hour’ top-up Flexible Packages on a bi-monthly basis
  • Manage complex hosting platform stack which we’ve augmented into our service

A Reliable WordPress Support Agency for Your Project 

Our support services come in many shapes and sizes, from on-demand services to hosting and full-SLA contracts. If you’re interested in reliable WordPress support services, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with our friendly team today and make your vision a reality.

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