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WordPress is our platform or choice and is an extremely flexible and extendable CMS (Content Management System) which allows content editors to login and control every aspect of their website.

Make Do are experts in WordPress development with over 12 years experience using and developing with the open-source platform.

Our team have traveled the work speaking at WordPress community events, released a number of high-quality free plugins and have a proven track record in the delivery of bespoke WordPress development at scale.

The Make Do team are hotshots. They did things with WordPress we didn’t think were possible.

Liz Hant – Fun Palaces Project Manager

27% of the web and growing

WordPress isn’t just our platform of choice, it’s also the world’s most popular and growing CMS, powering 27% of the world’s websites. As a result it has a very large support network, and many freely available extensions (plugins and themes).

WordPress is incredibly user friendly, making the editing of content and upload of documents and images simple

We work hard to make WordPress even easier to use by further simplifying custom WordPress Dashboards and theme options in order to make adding and editing content as user friendly and intuitive as possible.

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