Why Design Comes First When Creating Your WordPress Website

Deciding on the look and overall feel of your website can be a frustrating experience. WordPress already makes the job a lot easier, but here are some further reasons why it’s important to persevere and design your perfect website.

First Impression

You never get a second chance at a first impression: it may be a hackneyed phrase but it’s true. Your website is your shop-window and it must be eye-catching enough to engage even the fastest of scrollers.

The design of your website is critical to your business attracting new customers and clients which means it deserves your utmost attention.

The Process

We’ve yet to find the exact science for creating a perfect design process. Our team are always changing and evolving the process based on different expectation and of course varying budgets.

All of our designs start out as basic wireframes – no assumptions are made!

The Basics

We always start with the basic areas such as:

  • Logo and logo positioning
  • Fonts, typography and vertical spacing
  • Use of colour, and contrast
  • Use of graphics and images in content
  • Use of background graphics, videos and images
  • Spacing and whitespace
  • Usage of a grid system
  • Form presentation

Usability, Readability & Site Speed

To help make the site fully accessible and usable the following approaches are taken:

  • Content reviewed, simplified and jargon removed
  • Testing on screen readers
  • Simple navigation structure
  • A defined minimum browser requirement, and guidance to those that may not have access to the browser on what steps to take
  • Optimisation of website code output and images to reduce bandwidth required
  • Optimisation of images to reduce file size

Designs will not only be flexible in the sense that they will be using mobile first responsive design techniques, but they will also be customisable by content authors through a range of templates and web components.

The DVLP website was a big challenge for our design team with complex information that needed to work on all screen sizes

Brand Awareness

An attractive and interesting website design is the first step toward a recognisable and consistent brand.

We make sure to incorporate your company’s logo throughout your website, keeping your brand visibility high.

Ensuring your website has a consistent colour scheme as well as a prominent logo is an invaluable way of subtly reinforcing brand identity and is it’s important to get this right before a website or app is designed.

Maximising Your Budget

Whether you are a huge, multi-national corporation or a modest start-up, there is no company which doesn’t aim to get the most from its marketing budget. Choosing a WordPress site gives you brilliant flexibility. No other platform can offer the ease-of-use and diversity of design and range of impact that WordPress can give to a business’ website. A well-designed website built with WordPress’s highly visible platform could pay for itself before long.

These are just three ways that a carefully designed website on WordPress can have a significant impact on a business of any size.

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