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The process of developing our new website was clear, constructive, positive and actually enjoyable.

The Make Do team was able to translate what we wanted from a website into the building of it. We weren’t bombarded by jargon and terminology.

Richard King, DVLP Development Manager

The Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership needed a website which could provide location-specific information to mobile users. It needed to act as a record of the project’s success and included promotional aids, a guide to their projects, and a transparent archive of the partnership’s accomplishments.

Key objectives included:

  • Mobile-friendly user experience
  • Full geolocation and map integration
  • Transparency and ease of navigation
  • Resource light and fast-loading design for use with mobile devices

The site also needed to be simple to update so that the DVLP team members could easily create a fully transparent archive of work undertaken to demonstrate real value to the public.

Project Challenges

DVLP presented a unique problem for Make Do – with no existing web presence beyond a WordPress blog, the Partnership was finding it difficult to raise awareness of its projects across the Dearne Valley and engage the local community.

Our Implementation

Taking a mobile first approach, we designed the whole website with mobile screens in mind.

The site was then designed directly in a browser, allowing for a smoother development process based on user testing and client feedback.

We integrated Google Maps, allowing users to find their local projects while on-the-move and ensured that the site’s map could be updated in a matter of seconds.

Browsing the Discover Dearne website

From launch, we’d met all DVLP’s key objectives. The new site was mobile friendly, had integrated map and geolocation functions, and provided a clear, transparent archive of the project’s achievements.

The new site’s simple and efficient structure quickly improved site visibility in search engines and web traffic increased by 200%,

To see our work for the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership yourself, visit Discover Dearne. We recommend using your mobile device. 

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