Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Website Design and Development

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of Yorkshire’s leading acute trusts, serving a population of more than 420,000 across South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

Our new website is easy to manage and has a clear and simple design which makes finding information simple. The Make Do team worked tirelessly with a challenging specification over a long period to make sure we had exactly what we wanted.

Our patients, staff and visitors absolutely love the new website!

Emma Shaheen – Head of Communications and Engagement

Like many NHS sites, Doncaster and Bassetlaw struggled with a clunky content management system, a outdated build and a large number of old posts and pages. Patients found navigation difficult and employees found content management cumbersome.

Make Do spent a total of 12 months evaluating the design and build then configuring and implementing a new bespoke website.

Project Challenges

Make Do spent a significant amount of time evaluating the problems with NHS Doncaster and Bassetlaw’s existing website design and build which was incredibly complex. It was essential that the updated site prioritised user experience and ease of access for patients.

The content across the site required a full audit and many pages needed updating, deleting or replacing. Over the years hundreds of pages had been added but not deleted or updated making the user experience challenging.

The new website was constructed during six months with the project taking 12 months in total.

Fully Bespoke and Easy to Manage

Make Do create a site with a bespoke build aimed at improving ease of use and accessibility for both patients and NHS employees responsible for managing the site.

An innovative expiration system was introduced which means NHS staff can give a piece of content a shelf life and be confident it will delete after an event or campaign has ended. This means that the site’s contents remain up to date and relevant.

A review system was also introduced for content and NHS staff can decide whether they wish to keep a page, amend or delete. This ensures the site remains relevant and improves the user experience for patients who can quickly find current information in a quick and easy manner.

New Website Benefits

NHS Doncaster and Bassetlaw’s website is now versatile and accessible with a sleek design. Its in-built expiry system allows content to remain streamlined and the improved search engine helps direct patients quickly to their requested information.

The new site was built with from a “patient first” perspective with the new features allowing staff to keep the site as navigable as possible. A search bar makes navigation even easier for patients, taking them to the page of their choice with a single click.

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