Extending CMB2 Controls in for WordPress

In this tutorial I will look at how you can create a custom control to extend the functionality of CMB2 (Custom Meta Boxes 2) by WebDevStudios.

At Make Do we only develop websites (and web applications) with WordPress and when a new project lands you can guarantee that there will be a requirement for us to develop ‘Custom Meta Boxes’ to allow the user to have fine control over the sites content and layout.

Enter CMB2

I will detail how I built the CMB2 control Link Picker for CMB2 (available from all good WordPress plugin repositories). A screenshot of which can be seen below:

I am sure you will agree that having a control like this is incredibly handy if you want to give your site editors the ability add a link and also search WordPress for its internal links, rather then them having to cut and paste the links into a link field.

Read the rest of this over on Matt’s blog.

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