Making the Most of Relationships

Developing a good working relationship with your web company isn’t always easy. It takes time to build trust and understanding.

We value relationships at Make Do because we know the best work comes out of strong partnerships. We take time to get to know our clients and understand how we can support them.

Questions and Answers

Developing a website or commissioning a new site altogether can feel like a leap into the unknown for clients. How much work needs to be carried out? Is the job much bigger than first anticipated? How often will I need to update my new site?

These are questions we encounter regularly and that’s why we’ve devised support retainers. We know that all businesses are different and have different requirements – that’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy.

We like to go on a journey with our clients

We want to build trust with clients. Being upfront with fees and having a transparent pricing structure where clients can buy chunks of time is an absolute must.

Using a Retainer Model

Flexible retainers aren’t all that common in our industry, but they are at the core of our work at Make Do. They allow our clients to take the lead and feel like they are in control of their money. It also means we can start work without a fixed specification and use our internal expertise and knowledge to help drive our client ideas forward. 

Building a new website for your business can be like journeying into the great unknown, but support retainers are a reassuring guiding light.

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