The Future of Make Do’s FrontEndNorth Conference

One year ago the Make Do team hosted the FrontEndNorth conference at the City Hall in Sheffield and welcomed over 200 people from all over the world into our hands to view sessions from experts in our industry talk about everything front-end!

Missed 2018s FEN?

Check out all of the speaker videos on our YouTube Channel.

So… What about 2019?

You will have noticed by now that we have not published any news or updates on the next conference, this is because we are handing over the management of the conference to a new team.

FrontEndNorth is being handed over to the team at ‘Front End Sheffield’

A few months ago I met up with the team behind the regular local meetup group ‘Front End Sheffield‘ to discuss if we could hand over the FrontEndNorth conference to them to manage long term.

This made perfect sense to our team at Make Do because as much as we love running the event we feel like we’ve given it everything we can for now and it’s time to let someone else take over.

The people taking over are seasoned local community members and have the passion and will to make the next event happen!

Meet the FESers

We’re a group of front end types who live and work in Sheffield, we’ve been running Front End Sheffield for a year.

The FES team are (left to right):

Contact the new FEN team:

We can be contacted about FEN by email to [email protected] or via the FEN twitter.

The Next FrontEndNorth?

The next, and first non-Make Do, FrontEndNorth conference is currently timelined to happen in 2020.

Go ahead and sign up to the new mailing list now at to remain in the loop!

Saying Goodbye!

So that’s about the end of it! We’ve made sure that the Front End Sheffield team have all of our information regarding the venue, speakers, sponsors and just a general overview of what it’s like to run the event – I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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