Our Gutenberg ‘Block Starter Kit’ is now available

We’ve been working with the new WordPress editor ‘Gutenberg’ for a while now and one of the key components to this has been the creation of a ‘boilerplate’ or ‘starter kit’ that helps our team to quickly create new WordPress Blocks.

Today we’re releasing the first and very much Work In Progress version of this starter kit:

Block Starter Kit

A boilerplate / starter kit for WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) blocks.

Purpose of the Starter Kit

This starter kit aims to give a ‘keep only what you need’ approach to block building that works for PHP only WordPress plugins, Block driven plugins, or a mixture of both.

The kit is full of useful code snippets and tutorials. Every folder will contain a README.md file that will contain an explanation and a usage example.

‘Stater Blocks’

It also contains several ‘starter blocks’ with plenty of inline documentation.

Plans for the Future

Our team is actively working to create a reusable library of blocks that can easily be dropped into future projects and we also plan to share everything we’ve learned about Gutenberg with the wider WordPress development community. Sign up to our mailing list to get future updates on this subject.

It’s important to remember that this Starter Kit and the Blocks which will branch from it are not strictly ‘consumer facing’ in that they are not intended for use on production websites and installed without developer customisation.

Ultimately this project is a tool for developers, freelancers and other engineering-focused agencies, which we’ve built to be simple, lean, customizable and easy to ‘drop in’ to any WordPress Block-based project.

Some Credits…

Original webpack configuration (before modifications) from Zac Gordon’s Gutenberg Course.

Original deploy script (before modifications) from Garry Jones.

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