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Making For The Web in ALL Shapes and Sizes

From smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and everything in between. This means your website should work best on all screen sizes. We tailor-make your website for every user.

Make Do can bring your website to life through the website design process. We’ll help you get the most out of your existing brand. 

Make Do’s approach to creative services is ‘digital first’ meaning our designers deliver work for all platforms and screens sizes.

Digital-First Design Team

We tailor-make your website for every user and design all of our projects using “mobile first” methods.

This means presenting key information to smaller devices first and then using different screen size “breakpoints” to build on this by changing the layout and scope of information presented for a range of larger screened devices.

A simple and effective process

The Make Do design process is evolutionary and iterative and starts with the client working with our team on new content structures and Information Architecture (AI) with user experience (UX) leading the re-design of a more focused website.

Interested in What We’ve Done?

Our innovative and experimental approach allows us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

The process takes into consideration areas such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Logo and logo positioning
  • Fonts, typography and vertical spacing
  • Use of colour, and contrast
  • Use of graphics and images in content
  • Use of background graphics, videos and images
  • Spacing and whitespace
  • Usage of a grid system
  • Form presentation

To help make the site usable the following approaches are taken:

  • Content reviewed, simplified and jargon removed
  • Testing on screen readers
  • Simple navigation structure
  • A defined minimum browser requirement, and guidance to those that may not have access to the browser on what steps to take
  • Optimisation of website code output and images to reduce bandwidth required
  • Optimisation of images to reduce file size

Designs will not only be flexible in the sense that they will be using mobile first responsive design techniques, but they will also be customisable by content authors through a range of templates and web components.

Our WordPress theme design and development phases:

  • Design mock-ups
  • Browser-based design (HTML/CSS templates)
  • Content integration (text and images)
  • Design review
  • Integration of design feedback
  • Publication of rich prototype (online)

WordPress templates  provide several ways to display content such as pages, changing the layout and design of a page where appropriate giving the client a fully flexible editing experience.

What’s changed at Make Do since the COVID-19 lockdown?

4 weeks ago the UK was locked down because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a challenging few weeks for a small agency like ours but we’ve managed to adapt quickly to the change and remain productive in the ‘new normal’.

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