Confessions of a WordPress Design Company

Modular plugins and eye-catching creativity seem to go together like chalk and cheese, but does a WordPress design company actually have it easy when it comes to creating something memorable?

WordPress is a flexible platform that can be moulded to ANY design…

Make Do is a WordPress design company, and we’ve got a confession to make:

We think that all those designers who claim that WordPress’ modular nature constrains their creativity are wrong. In fact, we think that using WordPress helps designers to create more memorable, eye-catching and effective websites, systems and applications.

Let’s dig into exactly why we think our approach to “plug and play creativity” delivers better results for businesses like yours.

Reason One: WordPress Lets You Create Unique Designs

First things first. Designing a website using WordPress isn’t a matter of searching around for a free template or theme, and slapping a new colour scheme on it. Sure, some newbie designers use this approach, and all power to them, but that’s not what our professional WordPress agency is all about.

We don’t use off-the-shelf themes. We create bespoke web designs that are unique to our clients. That reflect your branding and identity. And that stand out from the crowd.

The WordPress platform doesn’t constrain your creativity. In fact, by providing you with a solid framework to act as the foundations of your web build project, it lets us focus more on high level things like creativity and cutting-edge functionality, instead of spending time reinventing the wheel to create a framework and a back end.

Reason Two: WordPress Makes the Design and Build Process More Efficient

That point about not reinventing the wheel bears repeating. When you hire any agency that makes use of creative talent, you’re not just paying for the end product. You’re paying for the time it takes to come up with new ideas and implement them.

And as any creative thinker will tell you, coming up with an idea is only the start. The next step is working out the process for bringing that idea to life.

With WordPress, our designers are always aware of what’s possible within a certain timeframe or budget. They don’t need to second-guess ideas to wonder whether a creative approach can actually be put to use because they know the limitations and the possibilities that the WordPress platform provides.

Even better, we know that there are far more possibilities for creativity than there are limitations on what we can come up with.  

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Reason Three – Plugins and Modules Support Our Design Ideas

Having a huge list of plugins on-hand is a real benefit to designers. Whether it’s tried-and-trusted assets from other experts, or tools and add-ons we’ve developed ourselves, having a curated library really gives Make Do the freedom to be as creative as we’d like.

Need to create a striking, dynamic site that changes as a user moves through it? We know exactly how to make that happen.

WordPress’ modular nature really doesn’t constrain us at all. As we keep coming back to, the platform gives us the freedom to design sites that really go beyond the usual, and that’ll grab hold of a visitor’s attention.

We’re not a WordPress design company because it’s easy, or because it’s quick, or because it’s simple. We use WordPress to design and build websites for our clients, because it delivers amazing results. Both in terms of creativity and functionality. And when you’ve got a functional, appealing and creative website, you’ll find it much easier to generate the leads and enquiries that deliver a return on your investment and our hard work.

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