Specialist WooCommerce Agency Services

WordPress + WooComerce = Happy Customers

The best CMS on the planet also has the best eCommerce system. WooCommerce is industry standard eCommerce that plugs directly into WordPress.

Creating an online store is a big challenge for any business or organisation!

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling physical or digital goods Make Do can help to create an advanced, secure and easy to use platform that will drive sales.

A Specialist WooCommerce Agency

We’re a WooCommerce Agency and we know and love the WordPress platform! Our expert team can design and build eCommerce with WordPress at any scale.

eCommerce is BIG BUSINESS

  • On average people in the UK make 21.2 purchases online every year
  • Average spend is £1,174 per-person, per-year
  • Average UK shopper spends £55.36 per-purchase

  • British people are the most frequent online shoppers in Europe
  • In 2015 UK online sales in the retail sector alone were in excess of £50bn

The WooCommerce Platform

  • Over 10 years old – not a new tool!
  • A trusted, robust and feature rich platform
  • Low or zero costs to get up and running
  • You can be selling in a matter of hours
  • Great free & commercial plugin ecosystem
  • Seamlessly integrates with WordPress
  • Wide variety of payment gateway options
  • Developer friendly and highly extensible
  • Open Source – just like WordPress!
  • Trusted (and loved) by our WooCommerce Agency Team!

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Our experienced WooCommerce Agency team have considerable experience developing bespoke, secure and reliable WooCommerce sites that deliver.

What are the benefits of hosting your own WooCommerce store?

  • You get full control over your website
  • Fully integrated products alongside your standard website content (Blogs, Pages, Social Media etc)
  • You don’t want the monthly fees for services like Shopify or pay commission to eBay
  • You can to start small and build your site as you grow
  • You own your customer data
  • You can expand your site to do any number of
    things using the WordPress platform!

Interested in our WooCommerce Agency Services?

Let us do what we do best while you focus on growing your eCommerce business!

It’s Just WordPress!

The main goal of any Make Do project is to deliver a customised and flexible WordPress solution that powers a high-quality website or application and output many different variations of data and content.

WooCommerce allows us to stick to our strengths by building on top of a  stable and trusted platform.

What’s changed at Make Do since the COVID-19 lockdown?

4 weeks ago the UK was locked down because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a challenging few weeks for a small agency like ours but we’ve managed to adapt quickly to the change and remain productive in the ‘new normal’.

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