Flexible WordPress Development & Consultancy for IKIC

I Know I Can (IKIC) is a public sector organisation who work with children in higher education to help them with their future and careers.

This was a bit of a different challenge for us at Make Do because IKIC needed a site and they needed it fast! We set up a WordPress site for them using a page building system so they could edit and manage the site implement different layouts and create new pages and sections with ease.

Empowering The IKIC Team

We performed multiple on-site workshops and training sessions with the team and to up-skill them in WordPress and using a CMS. This then allowed them to build and populate the site to their own specific content requirements without the need for our intervention.

A Better Way to Find Useful Content

After their initial site was up and running they reached out as they wanted a way for users to more easily find content. Specifically they wanted a user to be able to select specific categories and answers which would then produce a list of relevant results.

We called this the wayfinding solution. It’s a fairly simple yet creative idea allowing users to tailor their results specifically to their needs.

A user would select from multiple options using an “I am…” drop down, for example:

“I am… a high school student”

“I am… in university”

“I am… a parent”

… etc

This would then filter the system giving them custom and specific results, for example:

“I am… a high school student” > “And I want to find a weekend job”

All of these options are editable and manageable in WordPress. Then all the site’s content is sorted into categories meaning that a specific set of results tailored to both these outcomes will appear. 

This was a slightly different project for Make Do as it was very hands on in the training aspect at the start. However we were also able to build them this super convenient wayfinding solution in such a short space of time.

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