International Multi-Language WordPress Site for FXB

FXB is an international development organisation who strive to break the cycle of poverty. They focus on providing people living in extreme poverty the tools and resources they need to become self sufficient.

Multi-language Site using WordPress Multi Site

FXB were very new to WordPress when they approached us. They needed help to launch a multi-language site. For this we used WordPress MultiSite implementation which meant that the different language site, in this case French, is actually a completely different site than their English site.

Many Sites in Different Languages

This meant that if the client wanted they could give the French site a very different design, look and message to the English site. This was our first exploration into multi-language sites using this method. It was extremely successful and a method we have now used for multiple different clients. 

Once all this was set up we helped the FXB team with the general design and visuals as well as helping to launch their new website and assisted them with custom campaigns and new site features via our Flexible Package support services.

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