Online Sales and Marketing Website for Surelight UK

Surelight are a lighting company designed bespoke lighting solutions for buildings, entertainment and music industries as well as creating interactive gigs. They do amazing creative work and needed an online brochure site/information source to showcase this.

The main challenge for this client was how to display the different types of work they had done while keeping in with their brand. Their logo was very dark focusing on black, white and grey colours so we wanted to make sure we kept to these themes. We added a menu and broke it down into solutions and products. Products being the more intricate part of the site. 

Ecommerce Functionality 

Within the site we build ecommerce functionality, however the client decided not to take online orders. The products are displayed very similar to any other ecommerce website however once you reach the buying options it offers you options to call or email in. Though the client didn’t decide to use the online option we did still build this in, the site has a fully working ecommerce solution, it’s just not enabled. It does however give the client the flexibility for in the future if they so wish to add this functionality on.

A challenge but a very rewarding project with the client being extremely happy with the result.

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