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WordPress is the Make Do currency! I was super impressed with the outcome of our project. The team really know how to craft a perfect custom solution.

Mike – Managing Director, Tinder & Sparks

London design agency Tinder & Sparks gave us the simplest and briefest of briefs. “Make this better”. The agency’s expertise lies in distinctive visual branding and this needed to resonate through their own site.

Project Challenge

Tinder & Sparks needed to be able to showcase work in a variety of styles to retain their own distinctive flair. We needed to put imagery at the heart of the site without increasing load times or reducing quality. The site needed to be scalable to meet the agency’s future growth.

The Implementation

Make Do proposed a format akin to a traditional coffee table book and we used a standard WordPress set up to deliver extraordinary results. We used meta boxes to make uploading and showcasing work simple. The result is a fully responsive site with small file sizes which display beautifully but don’t compromise user experience.

Site Benefits

The site’s layout is eye-catching, even as elements move and resize on different devices.

Responsive image sizes, along with higher pixel density retina images, make for a great user experience.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words so we advise taking a look and seeing the results for yourself!

Visit the Tinder & Sparks website here.

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