WordPress Support, Development & Consultancy for Photobox UK

Photobox UK are an online photo printing services offering a range of bespoke products, gifts and various photo prints. They are also the brand behind Moonpig. 

Photobox approached Make Do for two reasons, one to help set up a new blog and secondly to set up a reverse proxy.

Reverse Proxy Blog Setup

The biggest challenge within this project was setting up the reverse proxy, made more complicated due to the fact the main Photobox site isn’t a WordPress site.

However we worked with the client and managed to get it sorted so photobox.co.uk/blog (the current site) is set up to user reverse proxy and point to WordPress.

Further Support

Once we had the reverse proxy set up we entered into a support contract with the team to assist them in everything-WordPress, something their internal team had little to know knowledge or experience with.

With our help the team were able to rebuild the Photobox Blog and deliver a new marketing platform ready for the Christmas rush period.

This was a wonderfully rapid project only taking about 3-4 weeks to complete and included a lot of hands-on support, consultancy and training.

The new blog is clean and easy to read making it much easier for Photobox to push promotion on new and seasonal ranges.

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