Why Expertise Matters as a WordPress Agency

So you need life-saving brain surgery. What do you do? Seek out the top neurosurgeon you can find: one with experience, one with a track record of success, one with prestige? Yes there’ll be cost, but it’s worth it, isn’t it?

You could argue that your local butcher could do the job for cheap – he knows anatomy (of animals but how different can it be really!) he could easily locate your brain, rummage around inside your skull and cut out the offending tumour (or near enough) and put you back together again, almost good as new, right?

A stomach churning proposition, but that’s what you get when you scrimp on service. A hashed together mish-mash of parts, crudely stitched together to mimic functionality. That’s until you suddenly discover it has done more harm than good, and you’re out of pocket once again.

Just like you wouldn’t cut costs when it comes to your life, you shouldn’t cut costs when it comes to your livelihood; expertise matters.

While paying for an expert may cost more initially, you’ll save money long-term by not having to fix other, less qualified peoples’ mistakes.

It’s a business investment that keeps on giving!

Building a team of WordPress experts

Kimb Speaking in 2014
Speaking at events is just one of the ways our team grow and share our expertise

That’s why at Make Do, we’re sticklers for expertise. By definition, an expert is someone who is more knowledgeable or skilful in a particular area than you or I.

And at Make Do, we know WordPress like the back our hand. We’re specialists in delivering high-quality, results-driven websites that are beautiful inside and out!

With us, there’s no need to worry about problems lurking below a pretty façade. We provide our expertise and support to ensure your website is functional, modern and ready to go.

No hidden issues down the line, and ultimately no further costs to you for putting mistakes right!

The Make Do team are hotshots. They did things with WordPress we didn’t think were possible…

Liz Hnat – Fun Palaces

Getting things done right should mean they only have to be done once.

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