Helping Sheffield Futures Succeed with WordPress

As a charity it’s often more about being flexible and saying “how can we do X or Y with the website rather than investing in technically custom work”

Make Do’s Flexible Package offering allows us to do what we do best with them providing the technical know-how and support we need to succeed.

Thomas Austin, Digital Product Development Officer

How we started out

In late 2016 the Sheffield Futures team needed help getting their WordPress-house in order. They were on an unsupported web host and using a WordPress platform built with a no longer supported legacy Theme and a bunch of Plugins, some custom, some off-the-shelf, that were causing conflicts and performance issues.

After a short discovery period Make Do stepped in and helped get things in order using one of our Flexible Packages. This meant that the team at Sheffield Futures had a ‘pot’ of technical support and development time that they could use for whatever they needed.

How have we helped

Most of the help that Make Do provided has been on a consultancy and support basis. We work with the Sheffield Futures team to clarify ideas and work out how they can take them forward by working out the best approach to achieve project ideas.

Customer service has been top notch

Thomas Austin, Digital Product Development Officer

A significant impact

This has been integration of SEO tools like Google Analytics so we can do split testing and tracking of the users, also moving to a dedicated WordPress managed server has really helped The previous hosting company caused major problems for the site.

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