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You may have not noticed (we didn’t) but the last post on our Blog was number 100! So to celebrate this very small achievement we’ve dug out some of our favorite posts from the past 100 and will be re-sharing these over social media in the coming weeks!

The listing is below, check us out over on Twitter and LinkedIn to join the conversation…

Our top ‘Rewind’ posts from the archive

A Wee Nip Of Culture At WordCamp Edinburgh 2017
Because of the current situation with COVID-19 it feels like an age since our last WordCamp. This is a great reminder about how great they can be!

Feeding A Thriving Tech Community With Industry Events
Another event-related post from the archive that talks about our FEN conference which we handed over to the community last year.

Experience Counts When Working With Charity Clients
At Make Do we work with a handful of Charity clients and no matter what size they are it is clear that they work very different to standard ‘business’ organisations. This is some insight into how we work with them.

Offering Flexible Options For Flexible Clients
One of our more popular posts covering the Flexible Packages (retainers) that we offer to clients.

How Can My Website Work Harder For My Business?
We’ll always aim to deliver a consistently evolving website for our clients. Here we look at some options to consider to make any size website work that little but harder.

Making The Most Of Relationships
This is an often-shared post with clients and new leads that outlines how we work to build trust and understanding with our paying customers.

FrontEndNorth 2018: Selling Front-End As A WordPress Agency
One of the great things about FEN 2018 was that Kimb spoke on the subject of running and building Make Do AND this was filmed, edited and put online. Very cool.

Creating A Task Driven Public Sector Website
Matt’s most popular post on the website. This long-form article is aimed at Public Sector customers who need a nudge in the right direction to help them deliver a customer focused experience through their websites.

Deploying And Compiling WordPress Projects Using DeployHQ
A super popular post and we also had the pleasure of this being listed on the official DeployHQ website!

How Flexible Packages Transformed Our WordPress Agency
This detailed post shows how we integrated retainer-based packages into our agency workflow and culture. It also shares how we store and report data for clients and why this is important.

Using Webpack With WordPress For Future-Proof Theme Development
Still our TOP post of the past 12 months so far. This keeps getting the hits because of the useful insight shared by Charlie around how we switched up our technical workflows to use Webpack.

Developing With WordPress & Gutenberg: Part 1 / Part 2
Our 2-part series into how to dive into WordPress Gutenberg development. These posts were cutting edge at the time but the team will tell you how dated they read over 1-year later!

WooCommerce OR Shopify And Why We’re A WooCommerce Agency
Dave is our resident WooCommerce expert and we thought it was about time to talk about WooCommerce on the blog. Here he looks at how Shopify can also be a good choice but ultimately Woo is the way to go!

Confessions Of A WordPress Design Company
Marrying ‘design’ and ‘WordPress’ into a cohesive custom agency message is always a challenge. Yes, we do design, yes, this is internal design and part of our full-service approach. Here Charlie details our process.

Looking Back At Our ‘Clarity’ WordPress Plugin In The Age Of Gutenberg
When this was published back in June 2019 it blew up and we had a LOT of people get in touch asking about ‘Clarity’ and what we did with the plugin. As you can see from the post it was, looking back, ahead of its time!

Inheriting WordPress Projects And Turning Them Into Long-Term Client Relationships
This is a recent favourite in the blog and details how we work with ‘burned’ clients to give them the service they need and expect.

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