Tinder & Sparks B2B WordPress Agency Website Build

London design agency Tinder & Sparks gave us the simplest and briefest of briefs. “Make this better”. The agency’s expertise lies in distinctive visual branding and this needed to resonate through their own site.

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WordPress Support, Development & Consultancy for Photobox UK

Photobox UK are an online photo printing services offering a range of bespoke products, gifts and various photo prints. They are also the brand behind Moonpig.

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Custom WordPress Solution for NHS Leadership Academy Awards

The NHS Leadership Academy strives to deliver excellent leadership throughout the NHS allowing it to help and directly impact their patient care.

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Flexible WordPress Development & Consultancy for IKIC

I Know I Can (IKIC) is a public sector organisation who work with children in higher education to help them with their future and careers.

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Enterprise WordPress Technical Development for Cartesian

Cartesian is a global leader in the communications, technology and digital media industry supporting high-end brands with high-end technical consultancy.

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Society of British Interior Design (SBID) WordPress Membership Site

The new Society of British Interior Design (SBID) website allows members to login and manage their profile, add and update a custom business profile, add team members and share information to other members in the SBID network.

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NHS WordPress Theme Project

Bevan is our NHS WordPress open-source starter/boilerplate theme which we are currently developing as a free community resource based on our experience working with NHS customers.

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Online Sales and Marketing Website for Surelight UK

Surelight are a lighting company designed bespoke lighting solutions for buildings, entertainment and music industries as well as creating interactive gigs. They do amazing creative work and needed an online brochure site/information source to showcase this.

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Technical WordPress Development & Training for the UK Teaching Schools Council

We were approached by TSC with their internal IT department to help the move over to the WordPress platform. This was the first time the TSC site was being taken over to Wordpress so this turned out to be more of a consultancy job lasting about 6-8 weeks.

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GeoLocation WordPress Site Development for Smoothwall Global

Smoothwall are the world's leading provider of security firewalls with millions of users across education, public sector and business sectors.

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International Multi-Language WordPress Site for FXB

FXB is an international development organisation who strive to break the cycle of poverty. They focus on providing people living in extreme poverty the tools and resources they need to become self sufficient.

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